Coaching and classes for those in on-camera production.

Coachiz gives you direct one-on-one access to industry experts with live video and text chats.

Coaches & Instructors

Each one of these awesome coaches adds something special to our community. We can’t wait for you to get to know them and fall in love with them!

DeeDee Marcelli
Fee per hour
I’ve been working in the TV/Film industry for over 25 years. I’m Emmy nominated and usually Department Head large network shows. I’ve gained years of experience regarding the ins & outs of having a career in Hollywood. It’s my pleasure to now help others achieve their dreams . I’m here to help you with any advice you need on how to get into the TV/Film Industry and the many different paths that are available to you. Because I have had a successful career, I know first hand what it takes to become a Celebrity Makeup Artist in TV/Film. I’m happy to listen to your questions/concerns and share my knowledge with you. I can also guide you to create the perfect look or character for your auditions (to help land you that part)! Lastly, I am also available for private one on one consultations for your Makeup/Beauty needs.
Celebrity Makeup Artist/Beauty Expert
Craig “Burnie” Burns
Fee per hour
I’ve worked on thousands of sets in the last 20 years. I do over 200 jobs a year, have over a 100 active clients at any time. When figuring my lighting plots I like to start small and add as needed. I’m a big believer in simpler is better!
Brian Jagger
Jagger started on the acting side, went into casting, and has become a leader in casting technology and advancements, even speaking at Sundance 2019 at the "Future of Casting" panel. Jagger is also the father of two actresses and is a California Child Performers Services permit holder (certified by CA to work with youth in the industry, available on CA's Department of Labor). Jagger is also the recipient of the "Best Original Programming" WAVE Cable Award 2017.

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