Brian Jagger

I help with:
  • Stage Acting
  • Auditions (in-person)
  • Auditions (video)

Jagger started on the acting side, went into casting, and has become a leader in casting technology and advancements, even speaking at Sundance 2019 at the "Future of Casting" panel. Jagger is also the father of two actresses and is a California Child Performers Services permit holder (certified by CA to work with youth in the industry, available on CA's Department of Labor). Jagger is also the recipient of the "Best Original Programming" WAVE Cable Award 2017.


Jagger started as an on-camera actor (see him on IMDb @ ) and then moved to casting. After working in casting for some time, including as the Casting Director for the most subscribed-to web-series on the Internet, Jagger co-founded casting Calls America, a casting software company that services over 30 markets nationwide. Jagger continues his work in both casting and production and is happy to help coach new actors and veterans alike on how they can best utilize modern technology to their benefit as actors and production professionals.

Location and Language:

  • America/Denver
  • English


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